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Weighing and Electronic Animal Identification Systems

Gallagher Weighing and Electronic Identification Systems include a full range of leading edge, robust and simple to use animal weighing, data collection and electronic identification (EID) systems.

Gallagher offers a complete Weighing and Electronic Identification system to help you monitor and maximise performance of your animals, and extract more profits from your farm.

Visit the 'on farm benefits of animal weighing' and 'what Electronic Identification (EID) is and how it works' sections to find out more.

To see the system in-use on farm, watch the Weighing and Electronic Identification video (22MB).

Weighing and Data Collectors

Smart scale 800

SmartScale indicators and the TSi are tough, reliable and simple to use. Ranging from basic automatic weighers to advanced EID compatible weigh and data collectors.


Load bars

Gallagher steel loadbars are reliably tough and are designed to fit under all sizes of platforms and crushes.

Platforms and Weighing Accessories

Suspension loadcell

A range of weighing accessory products is available to make your weighing sessions even easier.

Sheep Auto Drafter

Gallagher Sheep Auto Drafter

The Gallagher Sheep Auto Drafter is a lightweight, fully automated weighing and drafting system that is extremely smooth, quiet and easy to set up.


Dairy weighing scale setup

Used for automatic walk over weighing of dairy cows or static weighing applications. It is designed to capture cow weights at milkings to monitor cow and herd conditions.

Hands Free EID Tag Readers

Hands Free EID Tag Readers electronic identification

Fully ISO compliant and reads both HDX and FDX-B tags. Hands Free EID readers are ideal for animal identification at a fixed location like a weighing crate or at a location in a race.

Portable EID Tag Readers

Portable electronic identification

Fully ISO compliant and reads both HDX and FDX-B tags. Portable EID readers, are light and easy to use - perfect for portable applications for use at different sites.


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