Features of the Sheep Auto Drafter

*Comes with weigh crate, integrated laod cells and a 3-way draft module

  • Sheep Auto Drafter main unit + one 3 Way Drafter Module - 790mm wide x 2439mm long
  • 3 Way Drafter Module - 660mm wide x 794mm long
  • Download Sheep Auto Drafter flyer for full product details Plug in power and air and the system is ready to go Modular design makes for easy attachment. Add additional units to expand Weighing and drafting processes are automated so less chance of error Composite material withstands repeated sheep impact Electronic ear tag compatibility - built in antennas for reliable read Electronically and audibly quiet so sheep are not scared and enter drafter readily Short travel split gates for rapid capture and release at entry and exit No trapping points, metal bars or sharp edges to walk into Compatible with Gallagher and Trutest weigh scale indicators Lightweight and easy to transport Pre-program to read EID tags, weigh and draft automatically
    Remote operation
    Save time and labour as one person can operate using remote. Also no having to pysically open and close gates.
    Adjustable sides to handle small lambs and the largest rams.
    High visibility control panel
    Includes emergency stop button, auto / manual status and fault lamp.

    In Action

    See the world’s smoothest, quietest Sheep Auto Drafter in action.

    Sheep Auto Drafter In Action


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    Photos of the Sheep Auto Drafter
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