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Electric Fence Systems

Electric Fence systems

Electric fencing for effective pasture management and livestock control.

Permanent Fence Components
Portable Fence Components
Management Tools

Weighing and EID Systems

weighing and electronic identification

Weighing & Electronic ID Systems including weighing, data collection and EID technologies.

Weighing and Data Collection
Dairy Scale
Sheep Auto Drafter
Weighing Accessories
Hands Free EID Tag Readers
Portable EID Tag Readers

Gallagher On Farm Service

On Farm Service

A nationwide Gallagher service offering one-on-one selection advice, training and support.

Electric Fence Systems
Weighing and EID Systems
Farm Monitoring Systems
Stories and Testimonials
Gallagher on Farm Team

Wireless Water Monitoring

Water Monitoring System

Wireless Water Monitoring Systems for monitoring and managing tank water and other fluids.

One Tank Systems
Optional System Extras

Other Products

Other Products

Gallagher also provide stock prods and some of New Zealand's most trusted brands of gates and gate hardware.

Gallagher Gates
Greyson Gates
Stock Prods
Irrigator Fence Crossing Systems


New Products

New Products

Keep up to date with the latest Gallagher products and technologies.

New Products

Special Product Offers

Special Product Offers

Check out the latest Gallagher national promotions and special product offers.

Special Product Offers