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Permanent Electric Fence Components

Gallagher offer a comprehensive range of permanent electric fence components to suit most electric fencing requirements. Made of resilient materials and designed to meet the unique challenges of animal control, you can trust Gallagher components and accessories to deliver exceptional performance, quality and reliability.


Electric Fence Insulators

Insulators are made from highest quality, UV stabilised materials for toughness and durability.


Electric Fence strainers

Strainers are specifically used to add stability and strength to your electric fence systems.


Electric Fence offsets

Offsets rejuvenate your existing coventional fences and extend the life of new fences.


Electric Fence Cable

Use Gallaghers long-life cable to transfer power underground or connect an energizer to the earth/ fence system.


Electric Fence Wire

A range of special purpose, highly conductive wire products is available for permanent electric fencing.

Gate Kits

Electric Fence Gate Kits

Getting around the farm is made easier with Gallagher's range of economical, easy to use gate kits.

Gate Handles and Accessories

Electric Fence  Gate Handles and Accessories

Customise your gate kit systems using a range of gate handles and accessories.

Fencing Tools

Fencing Tools

Electric fence construction is easy, when you have the right tools for the job.


Fibreglass fencing products

For a lightweight, easy to install electric fence solution, Fibreglass posts are an ideal choice.

General Fencing Accessories

Electric Fence General Fencing Accessories

General accessories to compliment the look and installation of your permanent electric fence systems.

Irrigator Fence Crossing Systems

Irrigator Crossing Systems

Extend the life of your electric fence by ensuring your pivot irrigator passes safely over it.



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